Clan of Xymox: Interview

Before visiting Latinamerica, Ronny Moorings shared with us his thoughts about the music industry, the past and present of the goth scene, and what we should expect of Clan of Xymox concerts.

If we could draw a timeline through the worldwide goth scene, we could see that you are one of the few artists that have been a main character and witness of it¥s history. How do you see the evolution and -from your point of view- what are the main events that you consider have been very influencial for the scene?

From an artist's point of view I think the development of computers is and was very important. The decline in the music industry went also hand in hand with this. We started with LP's and later CD's to be replaced by MP3's and now Streaming. There is hardly any budget left for developing bands or new bands .

It is now up to the band itself to get themselves noticed. This used to be the task of a record label; selecting and signing bands, assign studio time and taking care of all medias. Artists are now more independent then ever before. All can be done in a small space , as long there is a computer with a good sound card one can record high quality music. In a matter of days or hours one can release a track to the public. How effective this is , is of course another question.

¿How was the scene those days and how do you imagine the future now?

Ha, those days, without sounding too old for my own good I would say that not much has changed; people want to go out, see bands, have a good time. Even when music styles change we all want the same basic thing. In the 80's people were depressed about the future, like the atom bomb , nuclear fa
ll out, jobs. Now people are depressed because of the overwhelming waves of refugees on our shores.

People worry too much in general and they need a soundtrack for their thoughts and feelings, then, now and in the future.

Clan of Xymox has been the most noble band of the worldwide scene. How do you imagine the future of the group?

We keep on touring and in the meantime when I am at home I write songs now and again so in the end the result will be a new album. I will keep doing this until I don't like it anymore. This hasn't happened yet and matter of fact is that I like to do this more and more.

How was the experience of playing in Latin America? and how is the relation with the fans?

We played many times in several Latin American countries in the past and we always had a wonderful experience.

An experience most European bands don't understand until they go there and see and feel it for themselves. The fans are totally dedicated and let themselves go without any reservations.

If you have to choose the best moment of Clan of Xymox¥s career, which one you would select?

The coming near future ;)

What do you think about this dichotomy: online music versus to buy a CD in a music shop?

Well, over here the shops are almost non existing. A few major outlets still have an alternative section and you might be lucky if they stock one or two albums of your band there. So , online all is available, it never runs out of stock , so I amass for it. There is no way back to the way it was. The consumer always decides what happens in the market and clearly the choice was on line buying and music streaming.

How was the days were you didn¥t have so many resources and technology? Those days were you can find little at an elevated cost, compare to now when you have lots of resources at low prices.

Things had more personal psychological value. You treasured a good record, the vinyl and its artwork were something to hold and appreciate. Unfortunately that feeling is now a rare one. Having said that , I appreciate to listen on my phone to music where and whenever I want. That is also something worthwhile.

Tell us your opinion about social networks. Do you think that they slave the artists, that they make them to stay in them and interact as an obligation at some point?

You do as much as you want to do. I think it is up to the person doing it. If you feel like a slave to something then I would say that you should pull the plug and stop with it. I certainly don't answer all questions, especially the ones who can find the answer right there on your page.

In your career you had work with lots of labels. What kind of advice you would give to a new band so they can find a fair balance?

I think there are less and less labels simply because most artist can do all by themselves. I talk about independent oriented bands. The commercial bands who want to make it big still can sign to big labels and will get there if they sound just like the latest top hit with having the looks.

The business changes all the time so my advice is just to do whatever you want and see what happens.

All Latinamerican fans are waiting anxiously for Clan of Xymox. What can we expect from these concerts?

we will play a varied amount of songs and we certainly put surprises in the encores. More I won't say. Just come and see :D

Would you like to send a message to all of those who are counting the days to see you on stage?

Yes, absolutely . We are definitely looking forward to play in your beautiful country and hopefully see you at the show!


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Interview by Tanzvador / Translation by Ariel B.