Spiritual Front : Interview

Simone Salvatori, frontman of one of the most important bands of the Neo-Folk scene, take a break and answer us a few questions late night, after their presentation at Runes & Men 2016.

Which do you consider are your main influences?

I´ve been influenced by many different artists, not only music. Musically speaking I think my main influences were Death in June, Scott walker, Johnny Cash, The Smiths, Marc Almond, Lloyd Cole and Commotions, Calexico, but I admit also a lot of soul artists like Curtis Mayfield, Lee Fields, Charles Bradley together with female bands like Ronettes, Shangri la’s etc….Soundtracks Composers like Morricone, Nicolai, Piccioni heavily influenced our sound too.

f you have to describe what is Spiritual Front in a short concept, what would you say?

Suicide catchy ballads for heartbreaker nihilist youth.

if you have to choose the best three moments of your career which ones would you choose?

it’s hard to say because every moment has a reason to be in that small portion of time. What is fantastic now, it will be boring tomorrow. Probably the most peculiar funniest moment was when we played in front of 40,000 people for New Year’s Eve in Rome at Circus Maximus. It was the first time I fucked with the first real hardcore fans (which wasn’t particularly an unforgettable experience). And the first time a (small) label asked to sign a record contract. They weren’t necessarily the best ones, but surely the most remarkable moments.

Tomas Pettersson (Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio) and you have been collaborating together for a while. Which are the things that you may have think both have in common?

We are very good friends with many things in common -different approaches- but surely things in common: We both sing about our own decadent life, about sex and passions, and we faced many tragedies and victories together. We both love good food too, ahhahah.

If you have to introduce Spiritual Front to a new listener which album or songs would you recommend him?

I recommend him maybe the song "Bastard Angel".


Last year I interview Carlo Roberti from Solobuio Visual Factory. As a personal apreciation i think he is one of the most prolific and talent video-director in the scene.  How is to work with him? Can you tell us something about the new S.F. video?

We are currently working on two new videos with him. He’s very talented and patient, and has his own style way of work. But at the same time he’s always ready to listen to your ideas, advices and cries etc. We are doing a couple of very special videoclips. It’s a surprise, you´ll be surely surprised.

Spiritual Front sound have been evolving from the begining till today. What can we expect from your new album?

The new album is something between 'Armageddon gigolo' and 'Rotten roma casino' albums. Decadent suicide pop, a double CD full of love battlehymns and vicious sleaz.

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Interview by Ariel B.